Wire Back Silt Fence

Wire Back Silt Fence


1. Material: PP 100% cloth and galvanzied wire2. Wire mesh size: 2″x4″ or 4″x4″3. Wire Mesh Width: 24″, 36″, 48″
4. Wire Mesh Length: 50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 300ft or as required
5. Fabric Material: 100% PP geofabric fabric Woven Geotextiles
6. Fabric Weight/gsm: 70g -100g 
7. Packing: bulk rolls or on pallet8. Application: Construction Safety Sediment Control Wire Back Silt Fence

MaterialPP 100% cloth and galvanzied wire
Wire mesh size2″x4″ or 4″x4″
Wire diameter12.5gauge, 14gauge, 14.5gauge, 16.5gauge, etc.
Wire Mesh Width24″, 36″, 48″ (2ft, 3ft, 4ft……)
Wire Mesh Length50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 300ft or as required
Fabric Material100% PP geofabric fabric Woven Geotextiles
Fabric Weight/gsm70g, 80g, 90g, 100g etc.
ColorBlack or Orange
Packingbulk rolls or on pallet
ApplicationConstruction Safety Sediment Control Wire Back Silt Fence

Other Details

Construction Safety Woven Barrier Black Wire Backed Silt Fence
Silt fence consists of a piece of synthetic filter fabric (also called a geotextile) stretched between a series of wooden or metal fence stakes along a horizontal contour level. The stakes are installed on the downhill side of the fence, and the bottom edge of the fabric can be trenched into the soil and backfilled on the uphill side, although it is quite difficult to move the trenched “spoil” from the downside to the upside of the trench. The design/placement of the silt fence should create a pooling of runoff, which then allows sedimentation to occur. Water can seep through the silt fence fabric, but the fabric often becomes “blocked off” with fine soil particles (all sediment-retention devices have this challenge, and none of them “filter” storm water for very long). A few hours after a storm event, the fabric can be “disturbed” in order to dislodge the fines, and allow clean water to flow through.
1. Sediment Control 

2. Complete weed control.  
3. Resource Preservation Areas 
4. Biodegradable silt fencing for erosion 
5. Landscape fabric controll 
6. Big on watering by conserving the soils moisture.  
7. Air, water and nutrients through. 
8. A finished look, cover with bark or mulch.

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