Garden Plastic Pin

Garden Plastic Pin


Landscape Anchoring
– Plastic Anchoring Pins for Landscape Fabric.

– For use in landscaping, gardening and support. 
– These pins great used in the lawn, landscape, patio, garden, camp, hose, plants and other garden projects needs to hold down the nets, tents and rain traps
– Ground cover fixing pegs for use with any ground cover, fleece, netting, mulch fabric and other materials.

Other Details

* DESIGN – Pointed cone type , barb design, easy to use.
* MATERIAL – Durable plastic,Will not peel or rust,stronger than other stakes on the market.
* USES – from securing weed fabric, fleece, ground sheets, netting, artificial grass, sheeting, irrigation pipes and plant cuttings.
* TOTAL LENGTH – 11cm/4.33.Each about 4.33 long and the diameter of the top is about 0.5.or fixing the gardening plastic mulch into the ground.
* FEATURE – Increase contact area, conical nail head, easier to insert into the ground. This garden securingnails are designed with anti pull teeth at the nail body, it can help anti the pull, to help fix well.

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