What is weed control fabric?

What is weed control fabric?

4 8月

Weed control fabric is well known as ground cover,landscaping fabric,weed mat etc,It is wildly used to control grass growth and help plant grow well without chemicals,can protect your soil from raining or watering keep your garden clear and neat.

PP woven weed control fabric is made from Polypropylene,it have high corrosion resistance,Long-time used in Soul and water with different PH

Weed control fabric with light weight and soft,so it is easy to be transport lay on the ground,it also can save much labor cost and herbicide cost

Weed control fabric is conducive to the growth of plant roots and prevents root rot. The woven structure of the weeding cloth can ensure that the roots of the crops do not accumulate water, so that the air in the roots has a certain degree of fluidity, thereby preventing the roots from rot. ,